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AH Minecraft Monopoly board!

hey guys it’s inside the altar of pimps

emotionally unstable due to having not watched a new minecraft let’s play

let’s play minecraft mad king ryan part 1 weeee

I got a plush enderman and it’s SO CUTE

one hour surgeon simulator LETS PLAY on the same day as a new minecraft let’s play
today was a good day

I got minecraft diamond earrings :3

playing minecraft pe the other day and I made a tower of pimps! yay!

sponsor early screening of the new minecraft let’s play :D
it’s good so far ((no spoilers tho I promise))

7 Days To Die

it is an open-world, voxel-based sandbox world, that is a mix of first person shooter, survival horror, tower defense, and role-playing game. daylight slows zombies down, the lunar cycle speeds up and strengthens zombies.

blocks like stone, dirt, wood and metal all have unique physics properties. the inventory and crafting screen is very akin to that of minecraft’s, in that it has a 9-slot hotbar and a 3x9 inventory with the crafting grid above that.

you can loot/mine items and craft in the 5x5 grid that “you won’t need a wiki for”, and you can create many tools and items which will increase in effectiveness and durability as various other skills increase.

you have stats; food, health, stamina, hydration, that you must keep up with items you loot or animals you kill and cook to eat or plants you harvest.

it includes single-player, co-op and multiplayer. and it has creative mode tools, featuring hundreds of random block shapes and generation tools that you can use to make your own worlds to survive in or play with friends, also you can create servers that have their own game rules.

i just discovered this game and it looks very promising. it was just released on steam december 13th as an alpha stage after its kickstarter in august. it’s $35 but in my opinion appears very worth it. some features are not yet implemented but as i said it looks like the game can and will only get better. i haven’t tried it yet but i certainly will very soon, once i scrape together enough money to buy it. you can see the trailer here on the steam page. even if you don’t buy it at least donate whatever you can to support development of this game because it looks really fuckin good. also in development are world building tools and steam workshop support, which means full mod support sometime in the future how fucking awesome is that


Ladies and Gentlemen, the elusive jacktus!


Merry Christmas Everyone!


Paper AH city update pic