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Anonymous asked: You're cute as fuck


Anonymous asked: you're ridiculously beautiful and sexy

thank you ahh

more #bathroom #selfies

we so cute

This is how my boyfriend Jeff asked me out, using a party full of Marills he was breeding, in Pokemon Y on his 3DS. I said yes of course, after smiling a lot and blushing hardcore for a few seconds. This relationship is going to be really good, we can feel it.

I gotta boyfriend now



goat simulator reviews


When you try to walk while your legs are asleep



I started watching RWBY today with a friend of mine

We also bought Goat Simulator on Steam, after watching Joel and Adam’s video in it, and played it for a while.

And I just got Octodad: Dadliest Catch on Steam as well after watching both parts of Michael and Gavin’s Let’s Play in it, and we’re gonna play it tomorrow :)


I have so many questions


Bastille - Coachella 2014