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Jeff bought me issue 1 of The Walking Dead comic today when we went to the comic book store :)


Meg describing the first time she saw Gavin (x|x)
Me: oh thats cute
*checks price tag*
Me: no its not

what the FUCK

about to watch Let’s Play Minecraft episode 99 with the love of my life




This. Just look at this. What do other fandoms even think of us? This right here is a gif of a man saying salad. It has over 800 notes. Why? Why the fuck is this something I feel compelled to reblog? Is it Gavin? Is it Michael? Is it that picture of Xray and Vav in the background? And  why did someone feel compelled to make this gif in the first place? Maybe people who are reblogging this are equally befuddled? What the fuck???

wearing my nerd boyfriend’s #mlg shirt :)

oh my god, new goat simulator let’s play with Michael and Gavin, and from the comments it seems like they’re drunk. I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow and go see my boyfriend so we can watch it together


The Red Fox Shiba Inu

me and my boyfriend play co-op octodad and goat simulator together


yesterday no one was answering a question correctly in class and my teacher became so incredibly depressed at our lack of potential that he just


right out the window


"I watch Achivement Hunter too!"


"Oh but I don’t like Lindsay/Kerry. They’re too boring."